Humble Bundle of Make: Books on RPi & Arduino

I just bought 17+ RPi & Arduino books for $15… It’s not obvious at first but they are all digital. So, be aware. Heck of a deal.


@ ianlee74 - From the site, it appears they’re all PDF only. Is that correct? Would be more likely to jump on this if some or all were available in Kindle format.

Lol, my friend was telling me about the same humble bundle. Everyone taking advantage of this 5 dollar pc. This thing can run Mono.NET much more the netmf. Its so weird that just 10 years ago, such a thing was unheard of. How can they possibly get those prices to 5 bucks? Are all the components sold at cost! Now I understand why phone prices are so depressed.

PDF, ePub, & MOBI