check it out guys,
What MS Open tech published:


Who will be the first to add a NETMF/Gadgeteer device?

We will add netmf, but happy to take contributions.

This is the lab I ran in Redmond, Prague, and Miami.



I just did a user group talk that included the Gadgeteer version of

Sadly, the venue for the UG had the necessary ports blocked, so despite the fact that I could get an IP address, I wasn’t able to actually connect to the necessary services. :frowning:

That said, the project is really well-done, and amazingly easy to set up given the number of moving parts involved.

Having done many, many demos for Visual Studio launch events and such while at Microsoft, one of the biggest pet peeves I always had was how ridiculously difficult most of the demos were to set up successfully (so much so that for many events they shipped tower PCs to the venue pre-setup with the demo code, or later, we’d just download preconfigured VMs).

The project wiki provides clear instructions, and the setup took me a couple of hours to get working. Thankfully, I had an old Seeed Temp/Humidity module on hand, so I didn’t even have to tweak that code at all…it just worked.

Kudos to the team involved. Hopefully, the next time I give this talk, I’ll have something more reliable to connect with…time to shop for a MiFi, I guess. :slight_smile: