Hi there, quick intro: I’m Michael and I’m really digging the Cerb40. Made in USA too? That rocks.

I was originally going to go native on this thing but trying to find any kind of supported libraries is tough (Leaf Labs is as good as I’ve found so far).

Didn’t really consider the NETMF stuff when I bought this but now that I look into it I’m becoming increasingly impressed. Nice work to the GHI folks (well, and Microsoft, I guess)

Now, let’s see if it’s possible to port my autonomous rover code from mbed over …

Welcome to the community and we are glad you like what you are seeing.

Stepping in code is really priceless and we all love being able to do that here. Remember that you can add networking easily as the TCP/IP stack is built in. You only need ENC28 module from GHI or buy a $5 from ebay!

Welcome Michael!

Howdy! Welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing your projects.

Hi shimniok and welcome to the community.
Im really looking forward to seeing how you get on with your rover project.

Welcome to the party!

Nice blog as well!