How update the exe on PANDA II without VS10?

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How make one update of exe, in PANDA (or other), without run VS10 and make one deploy ::slight_smile:

Why this question :o


  • I don’t want that the code source can’t be visible by updater …
  • I want make one procedure easy for one customer…

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Is this what you are wanting to do?

Yes, but when I try:

Target / Application deployement / Create Application deployement

I have: Device has old or unsupported configuration ???

Please see USBizi user manual. The bootloader has commands to create a master copy and to load new devices without the need fro VS2010.

Ok, if I understand

On my Panda I read the flash memory with G command, in one file,

and after my customer,on his Panda, can update, by write this file with L command.

I’m right ?