How to use WPF (or Windows) Application with FEZ Domino

I want to control a robot from my WPF application without embedding code directly to USBizi…

Front End: WPF Application
Hardware: FEZ Domino and other Hardwares for Drivers.

User uses his PC (WPF Application) to navigate the robot and get the sensor response back to be used to display in UI. At run-time the FEZ Domino USBizi will be passed with port instruction which in turn control the drivers connected at FEZ Domino port. Similarly, through the FEZ Domino port (either using Digital or Analog port) the sensors data will be sent back to the WPF application for further processing.

Till now my understanding is that, a .net console application will be written in VS 2010 which later deployed in the FEZ Domino board through COM Port or USB and hereafter the connected device (say Robot) will be controlled through the FEZ board independently with the interfaces connected in the board.

If possible please share any such application anybody developed for my reference…
Mail ID: mohamed.aarif@


Read the free".Beginners E-Book" in the download area. All your questions will be answered.

That is very easy to do…actually freakin’ easy! :slight_smile:

I suggest you start reading the free ebook and get familiar with FEZ then you will see how easy everything can flow in just one week.