How to use the FEZ Hat Motors


I have two motors for a small robot I’m trying to build wired to the two terminal blocks on the FEZ Hat. I use the sample code on the project and everything else works on it except I’m not getting any voltage out of those blocks.

I noticed the Motor Power label on the Terminal Block Expansion. Is this for external power for the two terminal blocks labeled Motor A & B?

If so, how would I wire this to an external battery? Thanks

For a small motor, you can simply add a wire from there to the 5v pin.

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Connect pins 1 (V+) and 2 (GND) to an external supply. As Gus said, if you motors are small, use 5V. The MAX is 15V for this controller.

Thanks guys, I am a beginner BTW, so sorry for the easy question. Just to make sure this is correct I have:

External Power + goes to Pin 1
External Power - goes to Pin 2

Add a 3rd wire from pin 1 to pin 3?

Thanks again


Thanks Dave, that did work, I was just afraid of breaking something.

Can you in layman’s terms explain why I have to add the jumper from the 5V to the Motor Power which also has a jumper that comes in from the external battery.

Thanks again for all your help

The reason for separate pins for V+ and 5V is so that you can use higher voltage motors, up to 15V with your 5V logic.

If you use the same 5V for the motor, then you need to just simply connect 5V to both pins.

Remember that if you use a separate supply for logic and motor to COMMON the GROUND connection.

That 5V is output, coming from the USB power. If you connect a wire from it to the motor power then you do not need a battery.

Do not connect that and a battery, pick one.

For small motors, USB maybe okay but for most uses, connect a power source to the motor power pin.

Thanks Gus, yeah that was what I was confused on, basically 1 or the other, not both. Thanks again guys.