How to use the emulator

I’ve downloaded from pacman project. The solution built without errors. By the solution properties. NET Micro Framework emulator chosen the Microsoft emulator.
When starting the debugger then after a few seconds displays the error message:
An unhandled exception of type ‘System.NullReferenceException’ occurred in FEZDomino_GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ.dll
Additional information: FEZ Domino not detected!

What am I doing wrong?

The emulator is micro framework emulator. Not a FEZ emulator.
Therefor it cannot detect the fez domino.

Is there an emulator for the FEZ domino/panda available?

No, there isn’t, but…feel free to make one :smiley:

I don’t know if you realized it but if you press “Continue” the program will run normally

If you ever make an emulator, please share :stuck_out_tongue:

Random, thanks for the hint.
I had the “continue” button not tried you can indeed see a bit more, but the result is poor because there are many error messages are given. My conclusion is that without an appropriate emulator to debug is not fine.

Assuming you have a domino emulator, what are you going to do with it? Domino itself doesn’t do much, yo need sensors/components to complete projects and those sensors/components can’tr connect to the emulator and so there is very very little that you can do with emulator.

Also, why not use the Microsoft general emulator if all you need is try out NETMF? What is the benefit?

I started to make an emulator some time ago but I lost the motivation and didn’t work much on it lately …

Right now it’s possible to drag and drop some simple components (LED & button) and connect the component pins to the Panda pins (SPI connection is not implemented, the LCD connection is hard-coded)

Gus, when I have less experience, I used for my projects successfully AVR microprocessor simulator (virtual prototyping IDE) VMLAB that you could test the program properly. Sliders for analog input and a scope for the more difficult output signals. The benefit was also not every time the chip to program what time consuming.

wow randoom, that looks like a nice program!
Since you lost interest, wanna share the code? :-[

If you didn’t have debugging capabilities then an emulator/simulator would help but With hardware being so cheap and debugging being so easy then I do not see myself using an emulator at all.

Do not get me wrong, it will be great to have an emulator but I personally do not see a lot of uses for it.

Now for bigger devices with full networking and displays then yes you can write complete applications on the emulator.

@ Randoom: WOW :o if you willing to share your code, i’m sure some of us will be willing to continue to work.


That looks very interesting! Each sensor can be an add-in for emulator that is loaded similar to Pyxis’s apps.This can end up to be something very useful and beautiful. Don’t give up! :wink:

I’ll try to find the time and motivation to clean up the architecture/code and put it on codeplex, maybe during the holidays …

Yeah if the emulator can be taken that far then I would love to use it. Looks very cool, escpecially for learning and schools

Randoom, the selected user interface of the emulator will certainly a novice programmer’s taste. The graphical configuration is a good choice for small projects. After you have provided for downloading, I offer myself to test it.