How to use C++ and load it as RLP

I can compile C++ that produces elf but I get an exception when trying to GetProcedure.

Something like this I have tried.

 #include <RLP.h>		
class clf  {
  static int val();           

int clf::val() 

 return 999;

int Procedure(unsigned char *generalArray, void **args, unsigned int argsCount, unsigned int *argData)

	  return clf::val();

C++ can be supported on RLP but as of now we do not. If you notice we alway say C/assembly but not c++

If you really want to do it then you have to write C++ runtime initialization code that goes through all constructors. This requires good knowledge of the internals of C++

Ok I was misled by the C++ label in the RLP class description . Right under the text Extensions are accessed through the RLPext structure. There is a label/title that says C++ and I assumed that C++ code was supported. In fact there are I couple of times that C++ label/title was used in the class description. I assume it is mistyped.

Thanks anyway

This is just the code tag. We will fix it to show C instead.