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How to use an IR receiver to learn codes?


I recently got the e-block IR receiver from GHI. The sample driver on the website looks to be designed to work specifically with GHi’s EZ remote.

How would I go about using it to learn IR codes?

In Sciurus’ code for the Nikon remote (IR transmitter) he has:

static  uint[] NikonIRCode = new uint[] { 2080, 27360, 440, 1500, 460, 3440, 480, 62180, 2060, 27320, 460, 1500, 460, 3460, 460 };

I am assuming that this was learned using a receiver (it could have been off of a datasheet as well I guess).



This provided me some good info. In that article there was a link to here:

If this was StackOverflow, I’d get a “self-learner” or “self-answerer” badge :slight_smile:


Look in the IoT ebook.


Thanks Gus!

Page 76-79 has the info.