How to ship two coin cell batteries

See attached image.

Two coin cell lipo’s and the box they came in (which is bigger than the box that the Discovery429 arrived in the day before. I get that they are hazardous and need to be keep separate, but this seems a bit over the top.

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I always find that a box that size makes the wife suspicious. :whistle:


The steady inflow of odd gadgets and steady outflow of cash results in rolling eyes every time the doorbell rings.

Luckily, my penchant for gadgets nicely balances her penchant for shoes and accessories. It all works out, except that we have storage in our apartment for neither.


That’s probably more of an issue with Element14 that it is with you battery shipment.

I use them all the time and I’ve seen packages arrive that are huge boxes with a tiny chip inside. I’ve complained loads of time because this increases the shipping cost which in most cases is based on volume and not weight.

Just a tip… Check eBay for coin batteries. I usually can buy 100 for what a 6 pack would cost anywhere else. Wish some luck you’ll get free or extremely cheap shipping, also.


Also, I check I just received 100 2032 batteries for my overkill collection of clip on bicycle lights, for $7, free shipping. I order lipo batteries through there often. The chinese merchants at have no compulsion to describe the shipments honestly on the forms ("I will declare it a gift!, describe it as a toy!, and say it is worth only $1 dollar!), so no one knows they are lipo batteries, and they arrive via plane fairly quickly. On one hand, that is convenient, on the other, it is a little worrisome. So far, they work fine. I suppress my guilty feelings somehow. :confused: