How to set up older Embedded Master Dev. Kit (rev. 2.4A)?

We have a few older Dev. Kits based on Embedded Master module. As I remember we were running them with .NET Micro 3.0 (but I’m not sure).
We want to get back to the .NET Micro development but I can’t find GHI NETMF SDK ver.3.0.

Where can we find this SDK ?
Or maybe we may use the latest ver. 4.1 (and what should be updated) ?
(What is the latest version of Microframework and GHI SDK we may use with Embedded Master dev. kit. ?)

I know that Embedded Master was repleaced by EMX, but we want to use older kits because we have them (we purchased them).

Thanks for help

ps. if there is similar post on the forum - please point me there. I wasn’t able to find the answer.

You can use the latest GHI and MS SDKs with an EM module.

Use the EMX project template in Visual Studio.