How to read software version at run time?

We can get the Gadgeteer Mainboard name and version via the Mainboard class at run time.
Is there a way to get the software versions of NETMF, Gadgeteer Core, GHIElectronics.OSHW, etc, at run time?
I can see the assembly names and versions scrolling by at load time in the output window.
Hoping I can access that info at run time.

I don’t know whether that’s possible. Someone more knowledgable will come along and give you a better answer, but I’ll ask, why do you want that info? How are you going to use that data?

Try this…

void ProgramStarted()
            Debug.Print("Program started.");
            foreach (var ass in Reflection.GetAssemblies())

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I have been following NETMF and Gadgeteer for about a year now and am thinking I might be able to use this on the job. Would love to program micros in C# instead of assembly and C. I design equipment that gets remotely deployed to inaccessable places and controlled over various comm. I have learned over the years to build in as much debug and diagnostic capability as possible. So anything the system can tell me about itself is a good thing. NETMF and Gadgetter is still a moving target so I could end up with various flavors of a product in several locations. Good to be able to have the system tell you about it’s configuration both hardware and software. Wishing each module could tell me more about itself like the mainboard. Maybe future Gadgeteer can add some more details about the hardware to the module classes.

Well that was easy.
Thanks ianlee74

[quote=“rdsperg”]Well that was easy.
Thanks ianlee74[/quote]

Fast & Easy (FEZ) :wink: You are welcome.


also has some useful information.