How to read pk version through code


Sometimes I change pk source whenever it is updated with new functions. Some of them are already released for customers and it has old version of pk I made. Sometimes I need to figure out which version of pk are used when I do troubleshooting. If I can read the version of PK, and it will be shown on display. Surely I can use MFDeploy-Device Capabilities, but customers are not developer and many tool-chains and setup are need for using MFDeploy tool.

I searched some related variables, such as MfPkVersion(PK) or stringDescriptor(C#). Is there any opinion for most simple way of read through application code C#?



Thanks, Sprigo

Your guideline is so great, so I can handle later version of things with it.

But I also want to check out previous things left from me.

I wonder can I access SoftwareVersion.BuildData from Device Capabilities in MFDeploy tool in C#.

I attached related picture.


Here’s my guess

  1. Read from internal flash

If you look into TinyBooter.Bin, you can see 0x00001130(in my case, but it can be changed as your modification in TinyBooter). So it is not generic, if’s only available when tinybooter is not changed.

[quote]09:08:18Jun 1 2015D?%s, Build Date: %s %s

But read/write internal flash through address is not provided in current PK. So I can handle with C#.

  1. CLR Capabilities

There is CLRCapabilites class. And it includes builddate as propery. The builddate is consists of 19 bytes in flash. Now, I am digging in how I get it within MF board, not using USB cable for signal