How to orient the SMD 10 pin socket on the duinoproto?

Ok, maybe I’m having a brain cramp here, but I can’t seem to figure out by tracing traces, which way to orient the 10 pin gadgeteer socket on the duinoproto. Do I orient it so the tab in the cable will be facing the board edge, or facing inward towards the prototyping area?


Check out 3D model on wiki or here in the forum thread

Excellent, thanks!

Good thing too, as I was about to solder it in reverse. I got as far as tinning the pads and thought “wait a minute” :slight_smile:


You are welcome. ;D What are you making?

A huge thanks to whoever updates the duinoproto wiki page with pictures of soldered board :wink:

Not sure yet, but I wanted to have a connector and a header on there for when inspiration strikes. That was the first thing I’ve ever SMT soldered.

I just took some photos. I’ll update it now.

There you go.



Nice SMT job for the first time. ;D

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The first time I soldered anything (through hole) was less than a year ago, so I’ve managed to learn a ton over the past year, all thanks to NETMF.


I have few videos on soldering that may help you.

@ gus

Thanks. SMT or TH? I’ve got through-hole down fairly well, but SMT is new ground for me. Unfortunately, I’m finding that many of the chips I want to mess with are often in som sort of SMT package.

I’ve seen some good videos where you can mill a stencil, paste your board, and then heat it in an oven or on a plate. Great for production runs, but seems like a lot of work for one-offs.

No need for stencils. You can solder anything but BFA. See my videos :slight_smile:

Where are your videos? I looked both on the Downloads and Tutorials page, and searched the wiki, and came up empty-handed.

Can you post a link?

Thanks, Gus. Added that link to the wiki. :wink: