How to obtain plastic standoff boards for prototyping?


I’d like to be more careful with my FEZ Spider kit.
While looking at this catalog item, I noticed some handy black plastic/rubber boards through which multiple standoffs were used to neatly connect things:

Anyone know what the official/industry name is for these black boards and where I can purchase them?
I’d gladly buy them from GHI if they were listed…

Thank you!

You can either have them custom cut, or you can use Tamiya base plates. I think those are your only options at this time.

Someone on the forum does cut them, if I recall correctly…

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The Tamiya base plates are the best commercial 5mm spaced boards to use. You can get them pretty much anywhere and they are ideal for holding stuff together.

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Fred I have a bunch of these:

and a bunch of these

and for standoffs I use mostly these

and these

of course I have other sizes as well, but these tend to be the ones I use most often.

Of course you can order project boards from and GHI has threaten to make projects boards as well, but they aren’t out yet.

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Excellent info, thank you.
I feel my credit card trying to jump out of my wallet after seeing all of this.


personally I bought a heap of nylon spacers and screws, which I prefer over the metal ones - especially after causing ground plane issues on a Domino when I screwed it down with a metal standoff :-s

I bought mine on ebay - similar to these (but not same supplier)


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