How to manually "sand down" a PCB to make it look like EMX module

LOL! I like your workbench. Very green!

@ Architect: My wife always says I have to work outside some more :smiley:

@ WouterH - Very nice.

@ WouterH - I think you are lucky and/or the board is well made.

@ Davef - well I’ve always liked their quality. That’s why I stick with them despite their price. When I look close to the cut vias, they seem to be pre-tinned, as I see a silver layer on top of the copper.

Wow, that actually turned out really well for “eyeballing it”. I’m sure you could use a jig to remove most of the “human” factor from the “Drem-milling” to get it fairly close. Not sure if the cost to have the milling done by the board maker is cost prohibitive or not. If it would be worth it, am sure I can cut you something on my CNC instead of you having to built it by hand.

@ Architect - that would be an awesome “Green” bench if it were inside!