How to make a 7" tablet, from scratch (from gadgeteer)

The 7" Capacitive touch screen offered by GHI Electronics has been a great hit since it was announced. These displays were only an option for large companies with very large orders but GHI Electronics made this an accessible option to everyone. The display is sold at

One question was, how do you mount this display? This was answered this week by the community.

The first project came from Ian Lee with a wooden tablet! Can we safely assume this is the only 7" wooden tablet in the world? The tablet has many great features including RFID. Pictures are below and complete blog with instructions found at Software & Sawdust: Gadgetab – the Gadgeteer Tablet Do not forget to watch the video.
The creator is discussing it with us here

The second project came from Skewworks with an acrylic enclosure, these guys keep surprising us with all kind of projects, from operating systems to graphical libraries to hardware inventions. Pictures are attached as well.


Here’s a pic of the finished product. You have to have at least one from the good side :wink:

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Can you share one with a higher angle so we can see the side and the front?


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nice :wink:

Now we need Gadgeteer mini arcade cabinet for CP7.

I’m not sure we’d be able to call that “mini”. Maybe the “small” arcade cabinet? :wink:

Will see what I can come up with :wink: