How to Install with 4.2 Micro Framework Modules?


I am looking for advice.

I give workshops using the .NET Gadgeteer and will be having IT install this on several computers.

I have recently re-installed Gadgeteer for Micro Framework 4.3 on my own machine. It won’t let me use the Seed Studio modules as they are 4.2 compatible and the Music module is no longer supported. Problem is we have lot’s of Seed Studio modules and will be using the Music module.

I see there is an option to use NETMF 4.2 in the main board menu but I can only install this version of NETMF 4.2 with Visual Studio Express 2010.

What is the cleanest and simplest way to install everything? Should I just go back and install Visual Studio Express 2010, NETMF 4.2 and the compatible Gadgeteer packages?

Or is there a simple way to install and run everything together?

Honestly I’m feeling a little frustrated at how time consuming this seems to have become.

@ shapingstuff - If you stay with 4.3 I think that the discontinued SDK can be installed in parallel. Alternatively, the source from the music module (4.3) is available from here.

It can then be compiled in you code.

Here’s the discontinued SDK link:

Thanks Jason I saw the discontinued modules actually. Though I noticed people reporting problems with the music module on 4.3.

The seeed studio modules are a bigger problem as they only run on 4.2 and because 4.2 is not installed and will only install with Visual Studio Express 2010.

you are incorrect - you can use the Seeed modules on VS2012 as well, you just need to install the correct order of SDKs. In this case, because you want a working combination that was released before the work to disconnect the netmf SDK and VS versions, you would need to install the NETMF 4.3 SDK to support VS2012, and then you install the GHI SDK and Gadgeteer SDK that supports 4.2. I can’t be sure what the last GHI SDK that supported this configuration was, but I’d suggest a good starting point is the SDK Version 2014 R1 from circa January 2014.

Thanks Brett that’s good to know.

I’ll give it another try then but it wasn’t allowing me to drop the seeed studio modules on to the designer without the 4.2 framework.

We have a lot of kit so it would be a shame if we can’t use it easily.

It’s a very explicit combination of VS, netmf version, and then GHI / Gadgeteer SDKs that will give you what you need. Then you need to make sure you create a 4.2 Gadgeteer project and not a 4.3 project, otherwise you only get shown what you have active drivers for.

Good luck - it’s not insurmountable, and we can help ! :slight_smile:

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The older combination that worked smoothly was as follows and I will just install this.

1/ Visual Studio Express 2012
2/ NETMF 4.3 (RTM)
3/ NETMF & Gadgeteer 2014(R1)


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