How to install Webproxy on Windows 10 IOT

I have an application on the raspberry Pi with Windows 10 IOT which uses the HttpClient Class.
Does anybody know, how a WebProxy can be installed on Windows 10 IOT to debug the network traffic with fiddler?
Kind regards

Like this :

var httpClientHandler = new HttpClientHandler
    Proxy = new WebProxy("http://hostrunningfiddler:8888", false),
    UseProxy = true

var client = new HttpClient(handler);

in place of hostrunningfiddler, put the addr or name of the PC that is running fiddler. Be sure to open up 8888 in any firewalls (including the windows firewall) on that host

@ mcalsyn - thanks!
I found this code too in a short google search, but I didn’t find the WebProxy Class in the namespace System.Net where I supposed to find it. Is there another namespace/reference that has to be used in Windows 10 IOT?

My bad - that code does not work for uwp - I had snipped it out of a full .net program.

I don’t have my RPi at hand, and all the UWP proxy references say that the global proxy settings are used (you can’t set a per-request proxy), but the global proxy is normally set via Edge or the Settings dialog. So, the answer is “use the global settings” but until I can get my hands back on an RPi, I can’t tell you how to do that.

Yes, in the meantime I found this link saying the same:

As a first help, I think that I can run the raspberry UWP code on the PC where fiddler should catch the net traffic.