How to get Long Distance using Xbee

Hi, in my project I need long distance wireless.
I use two xbee pro 802.15.4. One is sending node, and the other one is receiving node(Xbee +Spider main board).
The sending node is embedded in a 2mm thickness PVC tube with 3dbi antenna.
The receiving node use a 5dbi antenna.
I test the distance outside in open space, but the max distance is near 160m.
Far from my desire distance(1000m),and the datasheet of Xbee pro.
So, how to improve it?
Use higher Gain antenna both in two nodes?
Appreciate for any suggestion.



You could setup more modules as repeaters. Keep in mind the higher power, more battery drain if it’s a battery operated system. I would suggest repeaters with solar powering if possible.

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Hi, logictechs,I don’t know what do you mean repeaters? Do you mean hop nodes?
In my application the sending node should send to receiving node directly without hop.

You will probably need directional antennas. But the problem with those is that you must keep them pointed at each other…

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It sounds like you just need a “virtual wire” sort of wireless interface. Why are you using XBees in the first place? (which are designed for mesh networking)

Maybe use a CC1101 + CC1190 combination.

I know at 10 mW output, the CC1190 can get about 400m range with a good half-wave antenna. Imagine what it can do when you crank the power all the way up!

Obviously, this will completely violate FCC code for output transmission power – even with directional antennas.

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Because I have some Xbees already, and the Xbee can work without external MCU,
and their are many NETMF examples or drivers for Xbee.
But I should re-consider my design.

@ GMod(Errol) - congratulations on the new rank, our newest king :slight_smile:

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Yes I meant the hopping/repeater method. Digi also still has the XTend or XStream modems. Up to 40 or 20 mile range with those modems. I’ve worked with the XTend modem. Configuration is similar to the Xbee modules. 1W of power so a lot of drain on batteries if used.

Hi, logictechs, thanks

Did you test the max distance on your XTend?
Digi seems don’t send the 900Mhz to my country.

@ Guss - Thank you. Didn’t even notice… :slight_smile:

@ Tzu Hsuan - One of the distributors in my country wrote up their testing of the SIM20 module from SIMcom. SIMcom claims that one can get “up to 1500 meters” range. This is only under the perfect conditions with perfect antennas that are perfectly alligned. The distributor could only get 400 meters out of the modules. You can read about their tests here:

I know that is isn’t the same module, but I bet that xbee did the same thing when they claim their ranges…

Thank you GMod. Besides Xbee,I am also searching other wireless module.
I will check it.
I have also order two Xbee 900 to try.