How to get Insider Access?

So, a few years ago, I had to take a break from doing much Netmf stuff and my Insider Access expired and I didn’t have enough points to renew. I am back to Gadgeteering now and have enough points according to the Insider rules, but I can’t find how to redeem my points for Insider access.

Or is this a test? A secret that if I was REALLY worthy that I would already know? Maybe if you can’t find the way in you don’t deserve to be in… 8) 8)

So, what is the status of the Insider entry?

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You are short about 80 points at the moment. After you get them there should be a link available on that page:

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Oh, I thought I had jumped to Hero status. Somehow the points haven’t shown up yet. Thanks!

Hmm, I have 10,239 points on some displays and only 9,812 on others and a rank still at Master. It will probably catch up soon.

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No you have enough points


you can spend 4000 of them on gaining Insider access.

Sorry, I meant to say 10,269 experience. Now it shows the link. It just took a bit of time for the website to update. Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side.

Actually you are right you only need 3.5K as a Hero. When you get enough points for new rank you have to make sure the rank is shown. For that you need to logout and login back. You should be fine now as it shows you as a Hero.

There may still be a snag - it says my access expires June 20, 2014.

That is weird. Something for GHI to take a look at

@ Blue Hair Bob - Expiration is now Feb 11, 2015.

Thanks much!