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How to get 72MHz System clock in EMX module


We are working with GHI EMX module.
The Hardware module has 50 MHz oscillator on board. The specifications in the brochure suggests 72 MHz.

The statement Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Cpu.SystemClock is giving 18MHz in response.

Kindly suggest how to achieve 72MHz System Clock from EMX?


50Mhz is for Ethernet

Processor runs at 72Mhz

Peripherals run at 72Mhz/4=18Mhz


Thanks for the clarification.

I have below queries.

  1. How to know what is the system clock set in the Controller ?
  2. if we do not set any system clock register what will be default system clock frequency ?

  1. on EMX, it is 72Mhz
  2. Like I said, 72Mhz for processor and 18Mhz for peripherals

What exactly are you trying to do? how would these numbers help your application?


I am designing a keypad based application, having periodic background processes and interrupt based processes. The problem is user interface, it seems slow when background processes are working. I have checked with commenting background processes but still didn’t find much improvement.

As we have seen the 50MHz oscillator on board, we have asked the question to confirm the system clock rate.

For UI, i have checked with standard MF controls and Third party controls but didn’t find much difference.

Can you suggest some workaround or solution for the problem or any reference example?


Are you using WPF?


Try Glide for UI ;D


Thanks for Glide, it is very useful. In upcoming versions of glide hope to see the image addition and change of colors for better UI look.

Well, i have used combination of UI and WPF components in my design. I am trying to design with only UI components to check the speed.

I have checked “Pyxis2”. It contains the classes(from base control to treeview) which are useful for GUI designs, but the code is not compatible with EMX. It gives error as “chipworkX hardware require”.

Is there any compatible classes as given in “Pyxis2” available for EMX/Cobra?