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How to Detect that the Glide.Keyboard is up - to suspend background Window updates


FEZ Cobra 4.3" 480x272


I have a 3 panels in my screen setup:
Title Panel
Body Panel
Status Panel

I update the time in the status panel every second.

But when I popup the Glide.Keyboard I need to suspend my Status Panel update of time (or it will interfere with the keyboard graphics)

The Glide.Keyboard.Visible is set to true even when the keyboard is not in the foreground.
Is this a feature or a bug?, as there is no other way I have found, via Glide.Keyboard properties or methods to ascertain if the keyboard is displayed or not.

I used events to detect the transition into keyboard and return - So I don’t have a pressing problem, but thought this might be addressed in the next release.

Regards Ian