How to detect is a display module connected or not


I have a T43 display connected to RGB and T sockets through the 37-pin d-sub connector.
I plan to connect display when its needed but the rest time the display will not be connected while operating.

I want to disable all display functions in case when display is not connected so I need a way to determine is a display connected or not (once time, on board startup only).

Is it possible to do this without additional wiring, I mean using only the RGBT sockets?

look on the schematic and see what you can use. I note that TCH_XL and TCH_YU (pins 5 and 4) are connected to ground via 10K resistors. Also SHDN is connected to 3.3v via a 1.5K resistor on the G socket.

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Thanks, this works:

 using (var inputPin = new Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.InputPort(GHI.Pins.G400.PC21, false, Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.Port.ResistorMode.PullDown))
                bool LCD_connected = inputPin.Read();

P.S. this check must be performed before the display will be initialized.
I.e. before