How to deploy from a PC without VS installed

How can I deploy .NETMF to a device without having VS installed.

I have created the HEX file using MFDeploy for my board and I want to send this to the customer on a FLASH disk or via email and have then update the unit in the field.

I have copied MFDeploy and all the DLL’s I thought was needed but it complains that it needs the .NET Microframework and when I try to install this is says I need VS 2010 installed.

I need a simple way to programme field units without all this overhead and I don’t really want to ask the client to install VS just to update the unit.

They accept that they need the USB driver but surely I can update a device without all this extra applications installed?

Appreciate any help on how to do this.


Enable and use in field updates. There are plenty of example how to. Search this forum for it and you should find several. You can find an example in It’s not extremely commented but if you just copy and paste it should pretty much get you there.

I got it sorted.

I just need the standard .NET Framework 4.x and it works!!

I didn’t pay attention to the on screen message and thought it was talking about the .NET Microframework!!