How to deploy+debug over serial or TCP/IP on Mountaineer Eth

Hello Forum,

I would like to use the USB port of my Mountaineer Eth as a USB-Serial device for my application, but it is already in use for the debugging interface.

From the netmf 4.2 Samples\Mouse readme:

I’ve been searching the docs and the forum but could not find the answer: How can I set up the firmware to use TCP/IP or a serial port instead of USB for deployment and debugging?


I don’t think Mountaineer supports it.

[ul]Do other STM32F4 firmwares support it? (Cerberus?)[/ul]
[ul]Do you know if it is possible to use the second USB port of the STM32F4 as a debugging interface?[/ul]


Only premium devices support this

Ok, I see.

My goal is a custom design similar to the Mountaineer Eth, so I am now considering whether we should use the second usb port (OTG_HS) for the application instead of OTG_FS which is used for debugging? Would both of these be usable with the Mountaineer firmware as USB Client?

Of course you can implement it on open source products but this requires some work and a lot of knowledge

I was meaning to ask, “would that be possible using ready-made firmware, without rebuilding?”

I am still wondering wheter I will need to learn how to build my own firmware image or if I can get away with the one from Oberon. The Cerberus firmware is not an option because I understand that it does not support 100 pins.

I guess the answers to questions like that can only be found in the source code, as I couldn’t find much documentation from the Mountaineer group on these details. Sooner or later I will have to dig into it I guess.