How to Debug native features added to FEZCerb40 porting?

Hi everybody.

We’re doing some lab to experiment with adding new native features to FEZCerb40 porting. Everything is going fine, but til now we tried only very simple “proofs of concept”.

We suspect that when will going to implement some real code we’ll need to debug it.

Did anybody succeed in debugging via ST-Link (or any other SWD debugger) a managed app while running on device?


I’ve debugged native code on my STM32F4 Discovery board via the on-board STLink/V2 (using both Atollic and Eclipse, using the Atollic GDB server for the STLink/V2), but I haven’t tried on the Cerb40 board.

Do you mean you succeeded in debugging native code that is part of GHI .NET MF porting for FEZ-Cerberus (i.e. some interop feature library or stock solution code)?

Connecting the discovery board debugger to an external FEZ-Cerb40 shouldn’t be hard, since it should suffice to remove the 2 jumpers and connect SWD (i.e. 2 wires + gnd) pins to corresponding FEZ-Cerb40 pins, but we actually don’t know how to create a debug session without working on a IDE project (Atollic or Keil or CrossWorks, etc.).


I merely debugged some code I wrote myself.

As for debugging NETMF code, you’d need to know more about GDB than I do, I imagine.