How to control Acoms AS-16 CE 0682 servo from FEZ Raptor

Hi, i,ve bought a new RC car chassis including: 380 monster truck motor and Acoms AS-16 CE 0682 servo to start my new robo project with FEZ Raptor. I need some help:
1)What is the best way to hook up the Acoms AS-16 CE 0682 servo to fez raptor? Do i need a special ghi module or i should use a raptor pwm pins directly?
2) Does anybody have an acoms servo datasheet. I have no idea what is the pwm range and how to control servo from code?

Thank you.

The Acoms AS-16’s look like a standard RC servo, so they will use a standard RC timing pulse. You can drive them with a PWM pin directly. Start with a 20ms period and 1ms and 2ms min/max pulse and see if that gives you sufficient rotation

Thank you for reply. I will try