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How to connect the 7" TFT display to FEZ Cobra


Hi there,

Last week, I finally received my FEZ Cobra and 7" TFT display kit. But … how is the display connected to FEZ Cobra? Pin 1 of the display connector on FEZ Cobra board is not shown.

JP2 controls the display’s backlight. Where should it be connected on FEZ Cobra?

Thank you,



Hi Jos,

welcome to Fez Land!

Did you check this:

There’s not much info in there, but it might help? Hot having seen the Cobra or the 7" display I can’t really comment. Can’t say I have heard anyone else lucky enough to have one either, so perhaps you can post pics for us ! :slight_smile:


Thanks Brett,

I know how to operate the display connectors. What I’m afraid of is mis-connecting the display to the FEZ Cobara and blowing the Cobra and/or the display.

And I could use some info on how to connect the backlights (JP2) to the Cobra.

Thank you



Note: Please do not connect the display if you do not have clear documentation on how it is done. You do not want to damage a $200 kit :slight_smile:

We will be updating the 7" display with documentation you need tomorrow. There is also code that needs to run to activate the display.


Be confident I won’t connect the display until I have the docs. That’s why I’m asking. But please hurry, I hardly can wait!


I saw this document:

However, it doesn’t tell me how to connect the display to FEZ Cobra, since there are no picutures in the document yet.

Would it be an option for future Cobra’s to show pin 1 of the display connector on the pcb?


Sorry this took longer than expected. Our camera was left with the boxes shipping back from maker faire so we couldn’t take pictures of how to connect the display. This will be done today for sure.


Ok this didn’t make it out to the website today, sorry :frowning: Our webmaster is taking the day off. This will be done tomorrow.

If you like call GHI directly and one of our engineers will step you through connecting the display.


The brochure for the 7" TFT Display kit is out now. please take a look.


Many thanks! Now I can start working on the Cobra after all …

Thanks again