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How to connect Relay16 to Panda II


I’m moving my project from a Cobra to a Panda II and I’m not sure how to connect the two eBlock cables that are currently used to connect the controller to the relay via I2C. The cobra was easy as it had these connectors labelled IO11/I2C_CLK and IO12/I2C_DAT. I assume the red and black wires on the I2C cable is for ground and 3.3V power. Is that correct? Now where do the remaining wires go.



Black - gnd
Red - power
White - signal

On Panda2:

Di3 - I2C SCL (clock)
Di2 - I2C SDA (data)

I have not used the x16 relay board, but all of GHI’s eBlock components follow the wiring color pattern above. If you don’t want to cut off the eBlock (a.k.a. JST) connectors, you can get the eBlock shield .

The Connect shield also has eBlock connectors for I2C (and you get ethernet plus more good stuff)

For all Panda2 pinouts, see the product brochure

What are you running with the relays?


that works. Thx

I’m building a smart irrigation system with this relay.