How to access virtual comport from USB


I am using FEZ Cobra, for my project i want to communicate with a hardware through USB Host. I assume, i have to create virtual serial port to access through USB Host. I have gone through below link and tried to connect with the device but couldn’t succeed.

The link describes that “GHI supports chipsets from FTDI, Silabs and Prolific”. My hardware contains Micro chipspet. Can any one guide how to connect with the hardware through virtual port?

Niraj Shah

I do not know what is this chipset. I do not think it is supported.

There is raw USB that you can use to write your own drivers, which required good knowledge with USB protocol.

I always suggest you look at so you can see what USB endpoints your device actually presents, to give more info (but you’re still likely to need to go back to RAW)

To be very precise the hardware contains USB device “PIC18F14K50” from microchip.

Well, I am new to writing drivers. Is there any guideline to write the USB drivers? Please provide any reference document or link to start writing USB drivers.

Niraj Shah

The problem resolve by using USB_CDC, as GHI FEZ cobra and microchip both supports USB_CDC for serial communication through USB host.

Thanks you.