How to access pwm4 ("MOD" labeled pin) on Fez Panda II


I have been having trouble finding any relative information on how to address the pwm4 port. According to one of the pdfs it says this port is labelled “MOD” on the 40pin header on the Fez Panda II.
Addressing the other pwm ports i can just use “.di10” for pwm1, “di09” for pwm2 and so on but there is no pin number that i can find to address pwm4 or this “MOD” pin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jamie Good

Hi Jamie, and welcome to the club I mean forums !

If you check out the PDF of the schematic,, you can see that the pin is also marked as IO4, so FEZ_Pin.Digital.IO4 should get you what you want.

Hi Brett,

Wow i wasn’t expecting that fast of a reply, THANKS!

Sorry as you can probably tell i am new to using the Fez Panda II or C# for that matter but if i look at the Fez Panda II circuit board there is a pin called “d4” which is “CAN1R” will these conflict?
In other words is IO4 different from the d4 pin?

yes, different.

io4 != di4 != an4

Here’s a way to find out some interesting things about what you’re trying to do using Visual Studio… Start typing the following into your MAIN() application:

OutputPort me = new OutputPort((Cpu.Pin)FEZ_Pin.Digital

Then hit the period “.” key, and intellisense kicks in and shows you all the possible pin names you can use.

Now for you, because you’re trying to use PWM, you can use the following “starter” code piece:

PWM mypwm = new PWM((PWM.Pin)FEZ_Pin

and then hit the period again, and you’ll see PWM is one of the selections you can use. Scroll down to select it, hit period, and hey presto, you then have the list of PWM capable pins !

Thanks Brett you have been a great help, much appreciated.

Brett to the rescue :slight_smile: thanks