How much juice does an Oxygen consume

Full speed…
alarm wakes it up after 5 sec

Rinse and repeat…



Don’t tease us with unobtainium:


I can post you some if you really wanted them

@ devhammer - You think unobtainium is cool…wait until you see the rest of the periodic table.

Fear not, there are plans afoot so make sure you have security clearance from SWMBO and an empty VISA :wink:

it is indeed like Oxygen to most of us, since we need it to breath but we can never get our hands on it :wall: so When will I get my damn Oxygen. and not the Vapor kind please, as that comes for free :whistle:

@ Jay Jay - while you wait

The Air That I Breath - The Hollies - YouTube :smiley:

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So how long will a wee 40mah lipo last?

Does some work then sleeps for 30sec…

namespace SleepTest
    public class Program
        private static readonly OutputPort UserLed = new OutputPort(Pin.PA13, false);
        static int _wakeupState;

        public static void Main()
            DateTime currentDate = RTC.GetTime();

            if (currentDate.Year < 2015)
                RTC.SetTime(new DateTime(2016, 01, 12, 16, 00, 00));

            _wakeupState = RTC.GetWakeUpStatus(); // how was the board woken

            switch (_wakeupState)
                case 1:
                    Debug.Print("Device reset by NRST pin or power supply cycle ....");
                case 2:
                    Debug.Print("Auto Wakeup.");
                case 3:
                    Debug.Print("Wakeup using WKUP pin (PA0 pulled high).");
                    Debug.Print("Wakeup status undefined.");
            int n = 100000;
            while (n > 0) // do some work
            RTC.SetAutoWakeUp(30); // set alarm to fire after 30 secs
            RTC.EnterStandBy(); // take a nap

Might even impress @ godefroi :smiley:

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looks like 6 hours, assuming that doing something will take 5 sec

@ Jay Jay - best you show your calculations :wink:

actually I forgot to add another 25% of the juice so the total is 10.5 hours.

as for my calculation I simply asked Cortana :whistle:

@ Jay Jay - lol

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@ mtylerjr - that’s a nice catch, it fits with Jay Jay’s calculations … :whistle: