How many points do I have

If i look at my Forum Posts it says "Senior with 5,060 exp"
When I go the Rewards site It says “You have 4,570 points.”
I never used any of the Points for something.

These are different points. Exp is your overall score on the forum. Rewards points are what you can spend for rewards.

I think the profile should show both. And the rewards page should also show both with an explanation of the difference.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Here is one of the old threads with explanation:

But shouldn’t I be a Master now, according to the Experiance table?
Not that it is important, but hey …

Log out and log back in.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Here you go! Congratulations! :clap:

ah ok, that helped.
Thank you all.

You are welcome!

Experience and Points are now displayed on profiles. There is also a link to rewards when you have points.

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Nice addition!

Not so important to me but i still find the system unclear… as you can see in the attachment there’s a text saying “You must achieve a rank of Hero…” but at the same time there’s a list below that text with an item “Master” and a click-able link.

As an extension to the reward system i think its nice for users to receive rewarding points when they can proof a bug in ghi part soft / firmware.

GHI used to give away exp points for certain things.

We will fix and clarify.

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It should correctly show now.

@ Josh - Sorry if i am blond. I still not get it. See the 2 images

@ andre.m - :clap:

@ RobvanSchelven - You will get past the error you encountered if you try again.

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@ Josh - Wahu… now it works… :slight_smile: Thanks

Assuming I have enough total points, can coupons be combined together to increase the discount?