How long does it take for a GHI product to appear on Mouser?

It’s been weeks since RN171 module was released, yet it’s still not on Mouser.

Or is it something else? Like, export restrictions?

I have requested the new GHI products from Mouser, but their GHI guy is on vacation.

Oh man, amateurs!

are you never on vacation…some things take a little bit longer when people on holiday.
im my office I can’t compensate when employee have there holiday. so what

Hmm, newer items, like AMP M35 Module, is already listed on Mouser (although still not stocked, but it is there). But still no RN171.

Could anyone from GHI be so kind and take a look into this?..

We have contacted mouser already.

Oh. That was quick. Thanks.

I agree, people should have holidays. As long as they are not involved in goodie logistics :wink:

Mouser will be adding the RN171 to their stock soon. We will keep an eye out for their order from us so you can have a better estimate to the stock date.

Nice! Thanks guys.