How does one check on the status of an RMA?

Is there an online “check the status of you RMA’d product” system at GHI?

I miss my Raptor. :frowning:

@ mtylerjr - whats rma?

return merchandise authorization

@ mtylerjr - We don’t provide a way to check at the moment, but you can always email us again. Usually we process the RMA the day we receive it. If you haven’t heard anything yet, it’s likely we have not yet received it.

That’s good to know, John.

I’m hoping to piggyback a small order (a cerb40 II and a motor driver module) in the return to save shipping. I dont know if you guys do that but It is something I am interested in.

@ mtylerjr - That will be fine. Once we receive and verify the RMA, you can place the order. Just mention me, this thread, and the RMA number in the comment section. We’ll let you know as soon as we receive the RMA.