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How do you want the top navigation to look like?


We have more and more things added to this website so we are trying to simplify the top navigation.

Here is an example of how the web master wants it …

Hardware | Help | Forum | Contribute | Contact | Distributors
(here is the drop down)

  • Getting Started
  • FAQ
  • Downloads
  • Wiki
  • Chat

I like it more like this
Hardware | Downloads | FAQ | Community | Contact | Distributors
(here is the drop down)

What do you guys think? Keep in mind the new users that come in and they are not sure where to start.


I like second set.


Me too, 2nd option is better.


Here is how I want the top navavigation to look like:

Hardware | FAQ | Forum | Contribute | Contact | Distributors


  • Getting Started
  • Downloads


  • Chat
  • Search
  • Users



I agree with Sam. If this is not possible then I like Gus’ option :slight_smile:



You are missing FAQ/FAQ ;D


I assume clicking FAQ as the top option takes you to the FAQ :slight_smile:


Yes but it is not obvious that the top one is click-able


I say either Gus’ or Sam’s, it would be nice to group them up a bit.

Mike in MN



I guess you right, similar to how “Forum” is right now.
Top level menu with a drop down and a link at the same time.


I like the second set. I would also like to see the ‘Search’ tool brought back down to where it was.


I like to give an other suggestion what is a combination of both:

Hardware | Help | Downloads | Forum | Community | Contact | Distributors
(here is the drop down)

  • Getting Started
  • Online GHI Electronics NETMF Documentation
  • Watch Video’s
  • FAQ
  • Search forum
  • beta
  • release notes
  • new messages.
  • users
  • Wiki
  • Chat

The reason i moved the forum menu to the top menu is basically because that is the one of the main pillars of the Tinyclr site.
I like the term Community nicer then contribute which implicate for me that i MUST contribute there, and i’m not allowed to look there when i’m searching for nice code/help from others.
In my idea the Help menu, needs to have all documents and videos easily at hand. Like does that now moved down under the download pages.


I like your idea! :clap:

Yours bring up a lot of things that really hard to find, i.e Online GHI Electronics NETMF Documentation, Watch Video’s, etc.

And I also agree with the choice of word “Community”.



Yup, niels’ example is great 8)


+1 vote for nielsnl idea!


niels is nice except for search forum not being under forum.



that was my first place to put it, indeed …
but then i realized that it is not the right place to have it.
because when you need help you need a way to search the forum, and it does not nake sense to me that people need to search for the forum search option in the top menu.


Yes but it doesn’t fit under the name you have it with forum as a main heading. It is a way to find help sure, but when you have a forum as a main heading then searching the “forum” definitely belongs there. Now you want to put it into both spots them by all means that works.


there is quick search and detailed search. Quick can be on the forum and detailed directed from navigation?


Yes, do that please :slight_smile: