How do we use MFSvcUtil.exe with custom contract namespaces?

We have created a Wcf Service that’s hosted in a Windows Service. We have succeeded at the following:

  1. View its metadata at the appropriate httpGetUrl.
  2. Run it’s operations with the WcfTestClient.exe
  3. Generate working code using the SvcUtil.exe
  4. Generate working code using the MFSvcUtil.exe
    • This works with the default namespace
    • This doesn’t work with custom namespaces.

The last point works if and only if we do NOT set a namespace for our ServiceContract and DataContract. If we do set a namespace, all the other steps still work, but with MFSvcUtil.exe, we end up getting generated code that looks like this:

    // <auto-generated>
    //     This code was generated by a tool.
    //     .NET Micro Framework MFSvcUtil.Exe
    //     Runtime Version:2.0.00001.0001
    //     Changes to this file may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if
    //     the code is regenerated.
    // </auto-generated>
    using System;
    using System.Xml;
    using System.Ext;
    using System.Ext.Xml;
    using Ws.ServiceModel;
    using Ws.Services.Mtom;
    using Ws.Services.Serialization;
    using XmlElement = Ws.Services.Xml.WsXmlNode;
    using XmlAttribute = Ws.Services.Xml.WsXmlAttribute;
    using XmlConvert = Ws.Services.Serialization.WsXmlConvert;
        // why are there no classes in here
        // when we set an explicit namespace?

We are aware that the default namespace is The problem arises when we try to use a non-default namespace as follows:

[ServiceContract(Name="IOurService", Namespace="http://OurCompany/OurApp/2014/03")]
[DataContract(Name="OurData", Namespace="http://OurCompany/Schema/2014/03")]

Why does MFScvUtil.exe not work when we set explicit namespaces on our contracts? Why does it still use the namespace? Is this a limitation of the Micro Framework SvcUtil tool?