How do i tell the voltage level of the serial communication on the fez chips?

I want to communicate with a wifly module that says its serial communication is 3.3v and I know that the fez domino and fez mini are running at 5v. Does that mean that the domino also communicates at 5v? I have seen how i can use a voltage divider with a couple of resistors, but do I need to? Does the main voltage of the chip always determine the voltage at which serial communication is done?

As always, thanks for the help!

Actually everything GHI offers today is 3.3v not 5v

hmm, you mean communicates at 3.3v? and what do you mean “offers today”, because you no longer “offer” the fez mini

No, but they still offer the USBizi chips that was used on the mini.

Gus probably means that 10 years ago they had a 5V chip, but now everything runs at 3V3.

Yes it is 3.3V.

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