How do I suppply external power to a Mountaineer USB while debugging?

I have a Mountaineer usb board with quite a few power hungry modules attached and it is too much draw from my powered hub.
It is not working correctly because of this.
How can i power the device differently or can i debug it without using the usb on the mainboard?

See this answer from Cuno:

it states [quote]If the USB cable is not connected[/quote]
I have to have the usb connected to debug my program.
If I power through 1 of the sockets while debugging through the usb will I fry the board?

If so how can I debug not using the USB port?

One way would be to put two extender modules between main board and power hungry module and feed the module separately. You will need to connect all lines between two extenders with the exception of 3V3 and 5V. Then connect ground and required power (5V or 3V3) to the extender that is connected to the module.

That seems like a pain.
The Socket 8 is listed as Debug is it possible to power through the usb and do the debug using that socket?

That is most likely to debug the firmware. You can try to use serial to debug your app. I haven’t tried it on that board though.

Thanks Architect.

@ Cuno - @ Gus
Will the board be damaged if I power the board through the 5V on a socket while debugging?
Is there a way to externally power the board while debugging or to debug using one of the sockets?

While there are ways to do power boards, I suggest you never try to power a “red mainboard” outside what the docs says. If you need a board with multiple power options then get a “black mainboard” and hten add one of the “red power modules”.

In gadgeteer world, power is found on the “red board”