How do I change the LCD size in EMX?


I am trying to figure out how to change the LCD size in EMX on the cobra. I have a 4.3" display and the Deploy tool shows the LCD to be 320x240. The Cobra Graphic Demo has a Settings button available and I can highlight the 480x272 resolution but it will not update from there. I also can not exit a screen in the demo.

Your help is appreciated.
Ron Wensley


Always check the download section of the component you have a question about…

Point taken. I followed the directions on that pdf and created the Window Application LCD_Example_4_3_Inch.

These two lines however are preventing it from running.

           text.Font = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.small);
            text.TextContent = Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.String1); 

The error is Error 1 The name ‘Resources’ does not exist in the current context

I am at a loss as to the fix.

Thanks for the help.

Look at “loading resources” Support – GHI Electronics

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Funny! So that is $1 fir firmware update question and $1 for loading resources? :slight_smile:

Common beginners error. Your main class isn’t in the same namespace as your resources or you haven’t added them yet. Be sure you added them and saved the project. If it persists then check your default namespace and make sure it matches the namespace of the calling class or alternatively add a using with the default namespace

Thanks for the reply. I finally found the small.tinyfnt file in one of the NETMF samples. Strange you would link that if GHI was going to use that resource in their own example that they would include it in the distribution. Also no where in the Loading Resources tutorial does it discuss adding font files to the resource.

I am still having trouble with the GHI file posted for the 4.3" LCD. the solution name is LCD_Example_4_3_inch and is found on their site with the 4.3" display. Again it is strange but I would think that the demo for the product would work out of the box, so to speak.

The error is ‘The name ‘Resources’ does not exist in the current context C:\Users\Ron\Desktop\FEZ\Tutorial\LCD\LCD_Example_4_3_inch\LCD_Example_4_3_inch\Program.cs 86 25 LCD_Example_4_3_inch’

The resource is added and the project saved, closed, and reopened. Yet the problem persist. It appears to me that the line in error, Line 87, is still within the namespace of LCD_Example_4_3_inch.

Also looking this link [url][/url] it says to add the assembly GHIElectronics.NETMF.Glide which I do not find in the distribution. Where is this file available?

Any help for the newbie is welcomed.

You still need to make sure your namespaces match :wink:

Or you can always just download; complete system with all your projects made and resources included. Lots to mess around with there while you learn.

I figured out the issue.


Ron, i had the same issue and got it fixed as well. I think all of us newcomers (me included ) just want to get our feet wet to quickly sometimes. I had many issues when i first started out. But actually if i had done just a few of the things GHI said all over the place “so this first” , " so that next" i would have saved myself quite a bit of frustration. I know the guys answers were kind short, but GHI forum is really VERY helpful. I think sometimes the masters get tired of the newbie questions over and over.
The only thing i think they should do that would help allot is instead of just posing the files up as an example. they should also have the complete project posted as well so that everything is included and ready to go.

I understand that the masters are tired of answering the newbies dumb questions over and over again. One of my issues is I wish I had a dollar every time that the post is not read. Case in point I stated that my firmware version was and was told to ‘read step 1’ which is upgrade the firmware. The pat answer becomes automatic and ‘damn newbie RTFM’ is under the breath .

I agree that the entire project should be posted. For the newbie, which the masters were at one time, it is confusing and frustrating to have knowledge assumed.

I also agree that the forum is generally very helpful and I plan to keep asking my dumb a$$ questions until that day when I too become a master.

Thank you for the kind words,

Guilty as charged…

A large percentage of the questions being posted by a new comer can be answer by reading the “Before you submit, please read the following:” section of the Reply form. But… the questions still come.

Often the initial questions are very short, with limited information, or long and rambling with limited information.

So we give “reboot” or “is the power turned on” types of responses. Sometimes we miss the target.

I think overall the support provided by GHI ,and a lot of the forum members, is outstanding.

Ron, things are different when your rank on forum change from Newbie to FEZ Minor :slight_smile: Which you are about to get with one more post.

Due to past experience on this forum, Newbie = assume didn’t follow instructions :slight_smile:

Maybe you did follow instructions and you know what you are doing but due to the large load of newbies asking the same question that being answer 100 times/week, we have to make some assumptions.

Either way, we are here to help out so do not give up on us :slight_smile:

Thanks Gus,

I have no plans on giving up on GHI or this project.


Today’s Newbies Are Tomorrow’s Masters 8)