How do get started with a conceptual wsn university project

Hello, I recently posted the following over at GitHub;

I’m trying to determine the best way to go about writing the code for my final project at undegraduate level study. It’s a WSN, delivering humidity and temperature readings from a asphalt road. My limited programming experience is with VB. It won’t be possible for me to physically implement the network but I was hoping to use visual studio and the .net micro framework to emulate the sensors and processing units and present my code in my project. The problem is that the latest netmf build doesn’t seem to support express skus. Can I download an older version of netmf and run it on eg. visual studio express 2013? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Ben.

To which I got the following response from ‘networkfusion’;

[em]You can use the community editions of Visual Studio, these have full support for the latest NetMF frameworks.
Also you could consider using a NetMF compatible board from a manufacturer like GHI Electronics who have done the hard task of creating the firmware, meaning you can just use VB to create the program.[/em]

So I’ve installed visual studio community and everything seems to be working fine, including netmf. Now, does ‘networkfusion’ mean to say that the firmware on the board enables me to connect it to my computer and create a program for handling humidity and temperature readings, even though in my case I won’t be physically implementing wireless sensors? Is this possible without a board just using netmf? And if you do recommend using a board, which one do you think would suit my needs?

Regards, Ben