How can I run the example "Html File Reader with Dynamic Token Replacement" on my Cobra

I use Cobra.

I have tried the example “Html File Reader with Dynamic Token Replacement” Link:

but I don’t know how can I run the example. there is no solution file.

Can you help me to run the example on Cobra?

You have to create an empty solution copy the files and then you is as shown in the example snipet. Here is another codeshare from jasdev where he uses these classes:

Thanks @ Architect.

@ workhard10 - The solution in is for a Panda II, so you would have to make some changes to make it work on a Cobra. You should do as Architect suggests:

I hope this helps.

@ jasdev - what is the AppStyles.css file in your example? I can’t open it.

how can I get the file?

it’s a CSS file meaning it’s just a style sheet.

Edit: you can also look at the contents online just navigate to the file you want and click it, contents show up in the right pane.