How can I read 1356 RFID via RFID Reader Module?

Hi , I have a RFID Module and I can read the sample RFID Card ID which is included in the RFID reader Module package . As mentioned in the documentation of this module , only 150 khz RFID Cards can be read via this module . I wonder how I can read other RFID Card types IDs using this module ? especially in this case I want to read 1356 RFID cards , thx in advance .

You will need a 13.56Mhz reader to use them. Often referred to as Mifare. A 150KHz reader won’t be able to do this no matter how you try. Hardware wise it can’t.

For example, NFC on phones operates on this frequency.

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@ Dave McLaughlin -

Does GHI Company provide any 13.56Mhz reader ?

If no how can I use a 13.56Mhz reader with FEZ Spider Board and be able to Code against It using .net microframe work in a gadgeteer application ?

I don’t see anything from GHI but you could connect any of the modules from Seeed Studio or Sparkfun to your Spider through a breakout board.

Of course, you will need to develop your own code to handle them.

This code seems to be for a Seeed module but not sure which one.

1 Like has a gadgeteer compatible rfid 13.56mhz board. If you can use a gadgeteer extender to connect an I2C reader you can try the SL018 or SL030 board from stronglink.

If you using 13.56Mhz reader means below link will help to write your own driver.
It provides only the code no commands available, so before writing driver you need to know about the basics like Sector trailer, ATR format and Mifare commands.