How can I help?

Hi ALL, I’m here to help with any questions or concerns you may have about our products and services.


Welcome to the team Ross, and to this community. I think you will find this community very interesting.



What kind of help “exactly” can you provide?


If nobody wants to ask something, I will ask :wink:, or mention something :innocent:

I would find a small (according to the board-size, not the specs :wink:) Low-Power-MCU (e.g. a STM32L-Series-MCU with a small footprint) nice. Maybe with configurable clocks, to reach some lower power-goals. Regarding the IoT-Background that would be useful I think :slight_smile:.
I don’t have that much technical background but at first sight I found the e.g. STM32L462CEU6 nice, it has many peripherals, capacitive-touch, AES-acceleration, expandable memory-options…

But I think you have more and better technical background :wink:, I just found the idea nice :slight_smile:.

I just thought about that as I saw @Justin’s solar-powered board in another thread here in the forum.

Oh and:
Hi @Ross_Sheleh :slight_smile::blush:


Good question Gary. Help with any upcoming projects, new products and old. where to buy them from? Are they still Available?

Is there any new tiny computer module comming with integrated wifi & BLE running TinyCLR?

Hello Ross,

Is FEZ HAT (for RPi) supported under Visual Studio 2017? Any links to the updated library files? Thx.

Thank you for your feedback. we also do see the benefit for a Low Power MCU and we will keep that in mind. Nice to meet you.

HI, we do have anything confirmed yet. Stay tuned for all of our announcements regarding new products. .

HI, the most recent FEZ HAT support is the VS2015, unfortunately do not have a timeline for VS2017. Stay tuned to more info on this as we announce them.

I think I have spotted a G120E with integrated WiFi at the Homepage :blush:, and I think an FEZ Compute-Module with a WiFi-Module onboard was in an episode of Tech-Talk some time ago :thinking:.

We can’t share all our secrets yet! :wink:


I relay like to see a board with maxsize as the G120 but with intergrated WIFI and BLE 5.0 so we can do mesh networks with IoT…


Hi Ross.

So is G120 flash-unlocked now? And if so, do you provide guide of how to initialize RAM and external flash?

It is something we are considering but how did you know?!

Wasn’t that you who stated “GHI does not lock you, you can use mbed, netmf, micropython, bare C or anything you like on our devices”? Cause I didn’t made that up all by myself…

Correct. That is the plan for the new modules. We are also studying the same for old modules, which will likely happen. What software are you planning on using?

FreeRTOS and C++, and VisualGDB + VisualStudio as development environment.



Just received a BrainPad to play with. Got the hello app working fine but keen to explore the rest of the platform. Is there a API document or similar that lists the library functionality? Just looking for syntax for reading sensors, driving servos, drawing on display etc.