How can I get Out Put to laptop screan without using LCD SCREEN module

i need to test ma camera module with my FEZ SPIDER main board without using LCD module,i need to get output on my laptop screen,how can I do this?any one have any idea or anyone have try this before…NEED HELP ASAP…

sorry, you can’t easily do it.

You can write an app that packages the bitmap out and send it to the PC over CDC

what the CDC mean?

yes,i found CDC…mmmm yes its hard ,cant I transfer those data via Bluetooth module?

Easiest method will be by using USB to serial module.

I thought there was an example Web Server running on Spider that serves images from the camera upon request. That should be pretty simple high level image transfer onto the computer screen, assuming that all you wish to see is an image from the camera.

MoonDragon… can you send me the link? I search it but i cannot find it…please

Can I transfer images which taken from camera module via usb cable ( use usb cable in USB client DP module) if yes how to do this ?

Been answered before; USB Client CDC.

This is probably the webserver code being discussed: