How can I create changes in the Glide Library?

I downloaded the code from the site and edited the file I wanted,
Now, how can I create a dll and import it to my project again?


You could also set your VS Project Settings to Class Library (which I think it already is) and compile it to a DLL

@ khalilm - Got the following error:

Hmm… strange. I just tried it again, and it complies just fine for me.

Just out of interest because your Project settings visually look different from mine, what version of VS are you running. I am running VS Studio Express 2012

God knows I have run into some strange issues with VS where code wont compile and just by recreating the project it compiling just fine afterwards.

I will look to see if I find anything else…

@ khalilm - It’s VS 2010. And if so, maybe I’ll send you my fix and you will be able to compile a dll for me?

Sure. Sent you a personal message with my email.

Though it’s not a solution for my problem, any idea?

Well I can send you the zip of my project and you can try opening that to see if can compile although I am running VS2012.

I am trying to remember whether there are any issues with Glide under 2010. Maybe you can also consider compiling under VS2012 Express.

@ khalilm - Well might, I’m working with Glide as it is and it’s alright!
The problem may by compiling anything as library in VS2010, and for that I need an answer my friend!

I didnt spend a lot of time with VS2010 before upgrading to VS2012 so I couldnt tell you whether there are issues with it but boy that would seem unlikely as it seems like something pretty common to do.

Other than upgrading, I am at a loss. Nothing in my settings seem to jump out. I will reiterate though I have seen some strange things with MS VS projects. So I would download the project again and just try and compile without your changes.

@ andre.m I am sure you are right. Sometimes in trying to remember all the gotcha’s with software and when things were introduced, it is hard to keep it all straight in my head ;D

But yeah it would seem unlikely that it wouldnt…

@ andre.m - So, why do i get the error?

Just to keep information here for others, I did take the files you sent me and was able to compile it under VS2012 Express with no changes.

I am sending you both the release and debug dll’s via email.

I am at a loss as to why you cannot compile under 2010…