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Hookup and test a mini board


I got this mini amp today

Now I wonder how to hookup to test. I was thinking of using std headers pointing down for breadboard, but the holes too small. Even 22g wire is too big. How you guys typically hookup such stuff for prototype with eye toward using permanent? tia


Looks like 850 series will work

I would use these headers:

Or 30AWG Kynar wire:


I usually solder on a header to the board then wire to my test jig using solder-less breadboard jumper wires. I keep a variety of M/M, M/F, F/F wires on my bench for this. the male pins will fit directly into the headers on the FEZ. Then when I am ready for making it more permanent, I wire up a cable using crimp connectors.


If the holes are too small for header pins, wire-wrap wire sounds like a good choice, like Architect suggests.


Thanks Arc and blue. Not to beat a horse. But my basic bread board says 20-29g wire. Will the 30 be too thin to stick? Also, are those headers same size as ones sold on fez, or small diameter. Stats not on this site to compare what the diff is. tia


The headers are smaller than fez ones. These headers are used by TI on their dev tools:

If wire doesn’t stick to bread board you can always solder it to a male header pin.


You can also use 22 AWG stranded wire. Cut individual coper threads on one end until it will fit into the hole on you break out board and solder male header pin on the other end to stick it into the bread board.


Thank you.


I used the exact same amplifier in my crystal ball project. I found that the round headers will work


I ended up soldering 22g wire to the pads. Slimy hack (I know), but I too many shipping costs already and just getting forward progress is ok.