'Home Control Using Relays' Board

The FEZ Brochure (http://www.tinyclr.com/downloads/FEZ_Broch.pdf) references a ‘Home Control Using Relays’ board but I cannot find this on the TinyCLR site. Is this available?

Is this what you need?

The brochure

Yes, thanks.

I have just received the Relay x16 Board. I have a question regarding the 12 volt input and power switch. I could not find mention of these two aspects of the board. Is a supply voltage required for operation?

I think it is required. Those 16 relays need a lot power so a seperate power is needed

Probably required, yes.

As said in the product’s despription. 5Amp is way too high for a microcontroller. You should definately use a external power supply.


i brought a Panda ii , relay e block and Ethernet shied. i want to control that Relay via internet. pls somebody help me

This is very easy. Have you looked at the free “internet of things” ebook on this website?

yes i saw that but i could not understand whether i need a external power source to trigger relay and also i want to know that can we use Panda ii like arduino (for example connecting components directly to Digital out put or input without connecting it to e blocks.)

You do not need to use eblocks. You cam connect things directly like arduino or any other board if you have some experince in electronics. Or by asking the community for help on simple and direct questions.

i have plug FEZ connect shield in the panda ii and i got the error massage
" device has old or unsupported configuration"

pls help

You probably need to start a different thread on that. But please help us to help you. Tell us what firmware versions you have, what code you tried using, and where that error actually came from - otherwise we’re shooting in the dark.

i used firmware version - of V

in .Net Micro Framework Development Tool when i click in target/configuration/network it show that error

and also my FEZ connect shield get heated

Please start new thread

i did not get you
do i need to get new FEZ connect shield

You are replying to a thread with title “home control using relays” but your questions are totally unrelated. This is confusing everyone. Start new thread and ask for help please.