Holy Sh*t Batman, Incredible Robotic Gymnast

#‎Robotic‬ ‪#‎Gymnast‬ doing Hinami, Kovacs, Gaylord moves, Tsukahara, Andrianov dismounts from the High Bar, incredible

Doing a Quadruple Backflip dismount from the High Bar and nails it, unbelievable

The whole series is amazing, tip the hat to whoever built these.


Wow! That is crazy!!!


That is mental!!!

Watching these all I can say is

Hello duck,
when it does the performance of epke zonderland then im really amazed :stuck_out_tongue:

Scroll to 5.12 minutes.

Incredible =O

No problem, hang on to my beer for me.

As good as this old woman?

When I’m 86 I’d just be happy to be able to hold onto my own beer, Johanna Quaas is an inspiration to the world.

Wow! That bot is amazing! I wonder if it works entirely on timing or if there are any sensors Involved.

Watching it start I would think that there are at least some onboard sensors involved, but it would be interesting to see what exactly how it works. Is the robot entirely autonomous or is it controlled wirelessly by an external computer or what, but regardless it is impressive. Just to have the robot do these stunts is impressive as I used to dive and could do front/back flips, but toss in a twist and I was completely screwed. Hinamitetu used to be a gymnast 25 years ago so he would have a very good idea as to what motion is required to perform the stunt, but to build a robot to perform those motions is freaking impressive and even more impressive given this doesn’t look like a typical research lab.

Owww. wait a sec, duke i was sure you made those video’s about your own project.